Sundials by Robert Foster

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Some of the many sundials on display at MAWS CRAFT CENTRE

If you would like to order one of Robert’s prestigious sundials,
this can be done via:—

E-mail (Please phone card details)

Phone or Fax 01746 783714 to reach the office

or 01952 884057 to reach the workshop/showroom

Or by post to:-

Sundials, Maw’s Craft Centre, Jackfield, Telford TF8 7LS

The delivery charge for an armillary or wall sundial is £20.00,
and just £15.00 for a horizontal sundial.

An order form to print out may be convenient

Order Form

or perhaps you would like to visit us at Maw’s Craft Centre, where
we can discuss any sundial requirements.

When planning a visit, please phone to make sure someone is on hand

pdf Map of Ironbridge Gorge

Map of Ironbridge Gorge
 Maw's Craft Centre

Please make cheques etc payable to SUNDIALS


The sundial is a powerful symbol, a mandala of the inner as well as the outer self. Many feel attracted to the principle of the sundial, and many more feel affection for their own sundial which, having been made with loving care, is dedicated to some purpose or person who remains close to their heart. Unconsciously perhaps, we seek to fix a memory in time, or even to capture time itself. This is not a vain hope; we can actually do this. Time, after all, is no more than the restless spinning of the Earth, the interaction between Sun and planet. Both time and distance belong to the outward, material dimension. Those who discover the inner dimension may also  come  to realise  that  they have discovered the secret of time itself. Why  not pay a visit to our good friends and fellow seekers at their rather unusual website:

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Sundials by Robert Foster

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