Sundials by Robert Foster

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And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon
The golden apples of the sun.




This beautiful brass armillary features the bands of the Solstice, the Tropics, the Equinox, the Equator with mounted Roman numerals to indicate the time, the Ecliptic marked with the signs of the Zodiac, an arrow gnomon fitted with a central orb to mark the changing of the  seasons, and a stanchion displaying the moon.

Sphere diameter: 15 in. (380mm)


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   Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you




An impressive armillary constructed of bronze, weathered to a rich antique patina. The band of the Equator displays fitted Roman numerals  which add to its remarkable solidity and remain easy to read even when the bronze has  become stained with age. Other features  include the Colures of the Equinox and Solstice, the band of the Ecliptic, and the rings of the Tropics. The gnomon arrow bears a central orb marking the changing seasons.

Available in two sizes
Sphere diameter: 15in. (380mm)

Sphere diameter: 18 in. (460mm)

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These quality bronze armillaries
  make fine family heirlooms

Sol splendit omnibus

Taurus and Orbis pdf page
 (useful for printing out)

Taurus and Orbis

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This very special bronze armillary has been modelled on a three hundred year old Celestial Sphere constructed in the traditional manner.  The pivoting globe is mounted on “Taurean  Horns” with a fixed horizon, readily adjustable for latitude. It features the bands of the Solstice, the Ecliptic, the Tropics, and the Equator with fitted Roman numerals. the bronze is weathered to a rich antique sheen.

Available in two sizes
Overall width: 17.5 in. (445mm)

Overall width: 20 in. (508mm)

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Serine I stand amyddst ye flowres
To tell ye passing of y houres





Elegantly proportioned, the all bronze Solstice features the Colures of the Solstice, the Equinox, and the Equator with mounted Roman numerals. A stanchion holds a central orb that is pierced  by the arrow. The orb also marks the changing of the seasons.

Sphere diameter: 20 in. (508mm)


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Nae man can tether time or tide





Many people prefer clean uncluttered lines, and the Apollo is appreciated for its uncomplicated appearance. All-brass, it has the basic four rings of the Solstice, the Equinox, the Horizon, and the Equator with fitted Roman numerals.

Sphere diameter: 15 in. (380mm)


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       The hour is but a shadow,
           and the shadow walks in light




A very impressive all-bronze armillary with an open Equatorial design which makes the time  shadow easier to see on the raised Roman numerals. Draco is named after the northern  constellation which partially surrounds the North Star, at which the gnomon should point. Toned  to a rich antique patina.

Overall width: 17 in. (430mm)


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The seasons dance to the rhythm of time





An eye-catching armillary with rings of sky-blue anodized aluminium with brass fittings, including the Horizon, the gnomon shaft, the stand, the fitted Roman numerals, and twin brass balls  marking the north and south poles. The more  usual arrow head and tail can of course be   fitted if preferred.

Sphere diameter: 14 in. (355mm)

                   Fitted with ball tips  £270.00
Fitted with arrow head and tail £235.00

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 Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero




Copper-bronze and brass; this beautiful bi-metal armillary is readily adjustable for use in any northern latitude. The horizon can be adjusted separately, secured by two “Mandala” flowers. The band of the Equator is fitted with mounted Roman numerals.

Sphere diameter: 13 in. (330mm)


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   The sun rises in golden glory, and shines for all





In appearance an ageless antique timepiece, this unusual sundial makes use of bronze combined with matching brass. The elegant  10 inch (255mm) armillary sphere is pivoted between two supporting “Capricornian Horns” The time band displays engraved Roman numerals.

Overall width: 14.5 in. (370mm)


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Sic vita dum fugit stare videtur




A stunningly beautiful centrepiece for any well-appointed garden or sunny courtyard.  The bright sky-blue sphere of anodized aluminium is supported by “Taurean Horns”  in brass, with brass Horizon, Tropics, gnomon with central orb, and mounted Roman numerals. With its fixed Horizon, the Celeste is readily adjustable for latitude.

Overall width: 17.5 in. (445mm)


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   Thou by thy dial’s shady stealth mayst know
         time’s thievish progress to eternity





A handsome bronze armillary that has been weathered to a rich antique patina. It has an open Equator, and is augmented by the addition of a full Solstitial Colure and a band indicating the Horizon, adjustable for use in any northern latitude.

Overall width: 17 in. (430mm)


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  Time flies like the wandering swan




A strikingly unusual ornament as well as a fully functional sundial registering the hours from 7am to 5pm. Not a full armillary, the time scale of the Equator is represented by  the swan’s wings which, like the body, are made of black-stoved aluminium. The gnomon, the stand, and the fitted Roman numerals are of brass.

Overall height: 22 in. (560mm)
Wingspan: 17 in. (430mm)


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Umbra dum tempus fugit quiesco




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Named after the Goddess of hearth and home, this attractive ten inch armillary sphere makes a wonderful indoor ornament, and wherever placed seems to emanate an aura of mytsticism, a symbol of peace and tranquillity from a bygone era.
Made of brass and copper bronze, this armillary is made to the same standards and of the same materials as all our sundials, so it can of course be placed in any outdoor setting if preferred.
The underside of the base has a green baize covering to protect furnishings.
Alternatively, the base could be drilled with two fixing holes for outdoor fixing if required.

Sphere diameter: 10 in. (300mm)


Engraved Taurus


Brass and Bronze are both excellent for engraving, Aluminium less so. The full globe armillaries offer an ideal surface for your personal message: along the top facing side of the Equator.

On sundials which do not have a surface suitable for engraving, a separate brass plaque can usually be fixed to the top of  the pedestal to provide a fine alternative.

Guide price for an inscription:

                                 from £65.00

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Bronze armillaries normally have an antique appearance. Brass armillaries
 can also be given a weathered appearance if required, no extra charge.

Sundials by Robert Foster

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