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The Zodiac Personality File


Your Sociable Self
The Sun Sign page 6

Your Private Self
The Rising Sign page 32

Your Instinctive Self
The Moon Sign page 72

Your Intuitive Self
The Zodiac Degree page 90

An in-depth personality analysis
for every person under the sun!

1. Your Sociable Self

There are only 12 Signs of the Zodiac, so people
sometimes complain "How can you possibly share the
characteristics of all the millions of others who were born
under the same sign?"

Well of course, you will share these characteristics only in
the broadest sense and then only when you are behaving
in a way that is most like those other millions in other
words, only when you are at your most sociable, when you
are "getting on famously" with everyone else.

This is your PUBLIC or SOCIABLE Self, and when this
"self" is to the fore, the general description of the Sun Sign
should suit you well.


This is astrology at its most basic, but the Sun Sign is an
essential part of the full personality picture, in fact, it
forms the background, the basis, the skeleton of the
astrological body. In the case of extroverted people, the
Sun Sign will be to the forefront of their personality. In
the case of introverts, it may well seem to have given
way to the characteristics of their Rising Sign.

3. Your Instinctive Self

There is another distinct side to the personality the
factor of the INSTINCTIVE SELF. In Astrology, the
instinctive characteristics of "action first, reason
second", and your inborn physical routines, are
ascribed to the Moon.

Through its gravitational pull and its rhythmic movements
through the Zodiac, the Moon is said to activate our
instinctive responses in ways which depend on the part of
the Zodiac from which it is shining.

Instincts are our built-in, primitive, automatic responses to
changes of circumstance, and the situations in which we
find ourselves, and they are bound to have a powerful
effect on our relationships with others.

Our Moon Tables enable you to pinpoint the position
of the Moon at the time of your birth, and give you
another special insight into the deeper subtleties of
your own (or anybody else's) personality.

First select the YEAR and MONTH of your birth
TABLE ONE opposite: Make a note of the
figure indicated. This is your LUNAR FACTOR

2. Your Private Self

Some people are outgoing or extroverted; others are
inward-looking or introverted. Everyone has something
of both properties in their own nature, and either
tendency may show itself to a greater or lesser degree
depending on your mood of the moment.

The tendency varies, too, depending on your Sun Sign, thus
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius tend to
accommodate those who are more outward-looking in their
everyday lives, while Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio,
Capricorn and Pisces tend to be the signs where you will
find the most inward-looking people.

Strangely enough, too, the tendency to look inwards at
one's own inner contents, or outwards at outside causes and
events, tends to alternate in seven year cycles. Thus the
most outward-looking years are: from birth to the age of
seven; from fourteen to twenty one; from twenty eight to
thirty five; from forty two to forty nine; from fifty six to
sixty three; and from seventy to seventy seven.

The more inward-looking years in any person's life tend to
be: from seven years old to fourteen; from twenty one to
twenty eight; from thirty five to forty two; from forty nine
to fifty six; from sixty three to seventy; and from seventy

4. Your Intuitive Self

This is the most subtle facet of any person's character, and
some might say the most subjective. Intuitively inspired,
every single degree of the Zodiac has been ascribed a
symbolic word-picture which forms a summary of the
quality of that degree, and thus an imaginative sketch of the
intuitive nature of any person who was born while the Sun
was focused through that degree. It cannot be used to
subdivide the Rising Sign, because each degree will be
changing every few seconds and it would be impossible to
pinpoint the relevant one with any accuracy. But as a
division of the Sun Sign, the Social Character, it works
incredibly well. Intuition takes place within the collective
sphere. That is, it has to involve every other person as well
as oneself. Read in combination with the other factors that
go to make up a person's character, Social, Private and
Instinctive, it completes the picture and covers the whole
gamut of individual characteristics.

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