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Pure Wisdom: The Essence of the Upanishads                Ravindra Dhaval

Paperback                          ISBN 978-1-907091-09-4                                     £10.00
160 pages

What is any religion like without its religious traditions, without its beliefs, laws, rules, rituals, superstitions, holy men, priests and prophets? The Hindu religion is as old as the hills, and normally it is well filled with sages and heroes, kings and seers and seekers, rules and regulations, and gods – numerous gods and goddesses, all representing some aspect of human strengths and frailties. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, none of these have gods and goddesses – at least, not by name, not as such. But strip these religions, and any other religion you can name, of all its human interventions, and you end up with the same thing: you are apt to discover true wisdom, pure wisdom. Spiritual matters – truly spiritual matters, by definition, are totally without materiality, certainly without things, without cleverness or stupidity, without solidly material human ideas. They are beyond physicality, beyond thought, even beyond emotion. So, if they are beyond words, how can they be defined? How can they be written down and understood? Ravindra Dhaval has come nearer to achieving this indefinable goal than you would believe possible. For its sheer beauty of expression, this is a book well worth reading.

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Pure Wisdom

ISBN 9781907091094

The Dream of Gaia                                                      Ravindra Dhaval

Paperback                                    ISBN 987-1-907091-11-7
172 pages                              DREAMSTAIRWAY POETRY                                 £12.00

If you read Ravindra Dhaval's book Pure Wisdom you will probably have some idea what to expect: these are poems which relate to inner awareness, to the spiritual life of the Earth, and the spiritual search of mankind. The Earth, personified as the mythical goddess Gaia as a self-perpetuating, living organism, is asleep and dreaming, and her dream is the life of nature. To us, the intricate natural life of the planet is not a dream, but reality. The truly spiritual state of consciousness is little more than a dream to us. But humans are the highest life form of nature, alone among all other creatures possessing the ability, the potentiality, to achieve true spirituality.

Dawn dreams, Great dreams are, at best, those climactic once-in-a-lifetime experiences which complete, conclude and synthesize all the lesser dreams of the night, and bring new understanding flooding into the awareness. For humans to attain spirituality comprises the culmination of nature's night: a fresh dawn into which Gaia must wake into a new world of light, compassion and understanding.

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Dream of Gaia

ISBN 9871907091117

Our Spiritual Journey:                                         Charles Milton Smith
The Language of Life

Paperback                                    ISBN 978-1-907091-02-5                                          £11.00
214 pages 1 diagram

The vibrations of nature are the instincts or life forces that give life to the planet. There are human, animal and plant instincts, and overall, giving them substance, the life forces of materiality. These are the ‘instincts’ that compel atoms to combine in certain ways and keep the universe functioning. At the outset, people were purely ‘human’: comparatively helpless, naked creatures who lived in the world of instinct – the original ‘Garden of Eden’. All the wealth and technology of the world is to be found within the material zone: and this broad field of material instincts – the home of civilisation – proved an irresistible attraction for humankind. As they acquired the skill to make and use artefacts, the material life forces (which already governed their bodies) gradually took over their souls too. An instinctive awareness of this spiritual descent gave rise to the stories of mythology which have been handed down to us. In mythological terms we have all trodden a downhill route from Eden to the gates of Hades itself, and the time has come to seek the path that will take us back to the very gates of heaven. This intriguing and highly readable book tells how it can be done.

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Our Spiritual Journey

ISBN 9781907091025

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