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WHAT IS GOD'S RELIGION? Well, that's a silly question, and you are liable to get silly answers if you ask around. Almost every religious person imagines that theirs is the only true religion. It is almost as silly as asking “Do you believe in God?” ̶  which really means, “Do you have the same image in your mind as I have in mine, when I think of God?” As there is no way of knowing exactly what that person means when they use that much-abused word, it is a difficult question to answer. If you could look into people's minds, you may find that a self-professed atheist and an avowedly religious person in fact share the same world-view, or that two devout people sharing the same religion may in fact hold very widely differing images of God.

The reason for this, of course, is that, assuming God to be almighty and all encompassing, he cannot be envisaged or understood by material minds any more than a table, shall we say, can envisage or understand the carpenter who made it. Almost by definition, God has to be impersonal. Our hearts and minds, on the other hand, our organs of understanding and evaluation, have to be personal. But we can get to know and at least partially understand our own souls, and only personal experience will confirm this. And it is only by way of our personal souls that we can make contact with matters of Spirit. Soul is the go-between, between materiality and spirituality. God the impersonal is pure Spirit embracing all and everything; God the personal is to be known only by way of our souls. Our hearts and minds   ̶ emotions and thoughts  ̶  may think and imagine that they have contact with God, but what they have contact with in truth is 'religion', which is not at all the same thing.

List of Contents:



ONE: The Wonder of Nature   p12

TWO: God Is   p37

THREE: Birth and Death   p51

FOUR: The Pangs of Desire   p75

FIVE: Folly and Wisdom p98

SIX: Spirit in the Human Soul   p122

SEVEN: The Path   p141

Spirit is radiant in glorious light, yet invisible to mortal eyes. The highest of beings, transcending understanding, Spirit possesses the holy place where all that lives, breathes and moves has its final home.

To know Spirit is all that is, and all that is not. To know Spirit signals the coming together of the passions in his love.

There is nothing higher to be known than Spirit in the human soul. God, the world, and the soul, people see as three. But Spirit unites all.

Spirit moves intimately among the things of this world, yet he is above all these things. Spirit is pure and without blemish, belonging to the peace of eternity, beyond the body, mind, and life of humanity.

Spirit is supreme, and yet he enters the human soul when God wills. He brings supreme consciousness to people on earth, and he alone can purify that which is beyond the power of humanity to cleanse.

God encompasses those human hearts which are bound up in the cares and sorrows of this world. God sends the gift of consciousness to guide the hearts of humans to freedom from their bondage of suffering.

God is the one in whose power lie the infinite sources of creation: root, flower and precious seed. God's seed is universal consciousness, sown in God's mind at the very beginning of all systems of time.

God makes his humblest creations in nature to unfold, blossom and fruit, as his own nature unfolds, blossoms and fruits. He gives them all their colours and fragrances, and the wherewithal of life.

By the grace of God, the mystery of vision transforms the radiance of pure white light into the many colours of creation. As all colours originate in pure white light, and to pure white light they surely return, so all God's creatures originate in God, and to God they shall surely return.

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