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Dancing the Rounds                                                                 By Rasunah

Paperback demy               ISBN 978190709126                             £12.00
191 pages                      DREAMSTAIRWAY POETRY

Of North American Aboriginal descent, Rasunah is a much anthologised poet in her native Canada. Some of her best and most beautiful, inspirational poems are included in this book. The reader or listener senses the deep but subtle aura of spirituality, transcending all ethnic, religious and international boundaries, which emanates from her work. The poem which gave the book its name: Dancing the Rounds, reflects the traditional “round” dancing to be found in so many lands and ethnic communities, expressing an unspoken veneration of the elements and a mystical sense of communion with timeless universal forces.

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Dancing the Rounds

Lotus Petal                                              Olymbia Kaboudahangi

Paperback                                  ISBN 978-1-907091-20-9                                                 £12.00
176 pages

Abandoned as a child, Petal is determined to push her way to the top of the celebrity tree, without caring who gets hurt in the process. Aided by magic spells and herbal charms, she cheats and beguiles her way to wealth and fortune. Finally she gets her come-uppance. This is a totally surreal adult fairytale with its roots in painful reality, all told in wickedly witty rhyming couplets. A veritable witch’s treasure chest, it includes dozens of herbal remedies, charms and spells.

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Lotus Petal

Jackdaws around a distant tower                                      Raymond Foster

Paperback  demy                  ISBN 978-1-907091-13-1                            £10.00
140 pages                        DREAMSTAIRWAY POETRY

Poems of nature: a celebration of beauty, awe, wonderment and sometimes sadness: all the varied feelings induced by a lifetime's love of the natural world as seen through the eyes of Raymond Foster and expressed in eloquent terms. But as he explains, it is not for us to feel passionate about these things; love of nature should be a passion-free love, based on observation and appreciation. The book's title, and the title of the first poem, Jackdaws around a Distant Tower, suggests how the joyful sound "jack...jack" of these birds circling a tower, the man-made cliff face that they have chosen as their communal home, gladdens the heart and seems to sum up the way in which nature's creatures have adapted to human civilisation.

Appreciation of the beauty and fascinating ways of nature's creatures may best be expressed in poetic terms, and Raymond Foster certainly succeeds in that aim, without indulging in over-sentimental attachment. Intense observation and sensitivity: these qualities best sum up the work of this acclaimed nature-loving poet.

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The Dream of Gaia                                                          Ravindra Dhaval

Paperback demy                                 ISBN 987-1-907091-11-7                                         £12.00
172 pages                                    DREAMSTAIRWAY POETRY

If you read Ravindra Dhaval's book Pure Wisdom you will probably have some idea what to expect: these are poems which relate to inner awareness, to the spiritual life of the Earth, and the spiritual search of mankind. The Earth, personified as the mythical goddess Gaia as a self-perpetuating, living organism, is asleep and dreaming, and her dream is the life of nature. To us, the intricate natural life of the planet is not a dream, but reality. The truly spiritual state of consciousness is little more than a dream to us. But humans are the highest life form of nature, alone among all other creatures possessing the ability, the potentiality, to achieve true spirituality.

Dawn dreams, Great dreams are, at best, those climactic once-in-a-lifetime experiences which complete, conclude and synthesize all the lesser dreams of the night, and bring new understanding flooding into the awareness. For humans to attain spirituality comprises the culmination of nature's night: a fresh dawn into which Gaia must wake into a new world of light, compassion and understanding.

Dream of Gaia

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Songs and Poems: William Shakespeare

Hardback B Format                      ISBN 978-1-907091-19-3                                               £25.00
254 Pages

The complete collection of the Bard’s poetic works: Sonnets; Songs; the various poems that appear in the body of his plays; miscellaneous poems; and the longer narrative poems. The book includes brief notes, and a glossary of obsolete terms.

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Shakespeare's Sonnets

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