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Lotus Petal                                        Olymbia Kaboudahangi

Paperback                                    ISBN 978-1-907091-20-9                            £12.00
176 pages

Abandoned as a child, Petal is determined to push her way to the top of the celebrity tree, without caring who gets hurt in the process. Aided by magic spells and herbal charms, she cheats and beguiles her way to wealth and fortune. Finally she gets her come-uppance. This is a totally surreal adult fairytale with its roots in painful reality, all told in wickedly witty rhyming couplets. A veritable witch’s treasure chest, it includes dozens of herbal remedies, charms and spells.

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Lotus Petal

ISBN 9781907091209

Greening of the Soul                             Raymond Foster

Paperback                                ISBN-978-1-907091-07-0                                   £11.00
200 pages 2 diagrams

This highly readable book describes a personal journey of the soul which may inspire many others to follow. Animals, plants, and all natural creations function through their own particular instincts. When he was a forester in Africa, Raymond Foster became aware of a long-lost truly human instinct able to give him directions when his thoughts and emotions were at rest. From this beginning he began a long search through various ‘ways’ and religions, hoping to find the real soul that he knew was there, hidden beneath layers of civilisation, smothered by thoughts, feelings and all the influences good and bad which assail us from all directions. Coupled with the personal search for spirituality, he was acutely aware that the world itself is in sore need of help. Human cleverness, it seems, is unable to prevent the world from slowly deteriorating. The more civilised we become, the more we seem to be threatened by global catastrophes. Whether global warming is a fact or not, deserts are certainly growing, although we have the resorces to check problems of this nature. Human intelligence is too self-seeking to bring about the improvements that are needed. Only the soul he says, can restore full natural greenness to the earth, and only when enough influential people have ‘discovered’ their own souls can it happen. One way for the soul to be uncovered and the greening process to begin is through the organisation called Subud, and after many years of following this path, Raymond Foster describes some of his spiritual experiences as soul-development takes place. There is no teaching to be followed in Subud, the rules are simple, and people of any religion or none may take part.

Greening of the Soul

ISBN 9781907091070

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