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The Handbook of Palmistry                                   Ray Douglas

Paperback                                    ISBN 987-1-907091-00-1                                            £12.00
272 pages 154 line drawings

This book carries the art of reading the hand to a new dimension. Every personís hand is a map containing an incredible amount of information concerning their life and character, their fate in the past, the present and the future, and all this fascinating information can be interpreted with ease once you know how. This book includes everything you could want to know about traditional palmistry with its focus on fortune telling, predicting matters of fate and fortune, love, health, finance and success. It also deals with every subtle aspect of human psychology as recorded on the hand, intellectual, emotional, intuitional, and physical. Much of the information, newly researched, has never been published before. And more than any other book on the subject, The Handbook of Palmistry delves deeply into matters of the inner self, the human soul, and the undercurrent of life. It explains not only how palmistry works, but why it works, symbolising through the palm of the hand, the movements of the life forces which govern the way we all live.

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The Handbook of Palmistry

ISBN 9871907091001

The Art of Palmistry                                       Ray Douglas

Paperback                                  ISBN 978-1-907091-05-6                                        £11.50
178 pages 113 line drawings

Palmistry is not a science, nor is it a pseudo-science. Palmistry is an art: the art of using the hand, or both hands taken together, to symbolise the whole person. It is also known as cheirognomy, which concerns mainly the shape and general appearance of the hand. The two branches of the art are nowadays best blended into one. The Art of Palmistry starts with the basics. The hand, complete with all its lines and minor marks or signs, is taken as representative of its owner, and symbolises his or her life and character at whatever level you wish to study the subject. Because itís about the whole person, palmistry can concern itself equally with erudite matters of the psyche, or with everyday trivia; it can soar with the mind of its interpreter to all the heights to which intellectual or spiritual sensitivities may aspire, or with equal facility it may concern itself with the everyday, with relationships and bodily concerns. wherever we are, and wherever we want to be. The book includes a section detailing career choices that might be suggested by studying the hand.

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The Art of Palmistry

ISBN 9781907091056

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