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Our Spiritual Journey : The Language of Life

 By Charles Milton Smith

Many people have wondered why a religion that seems to have been based on love, tolerance and understanding can possibly condone violence and cruelty, and whichever religion you have in mind, the record and the reason will be very similar. Religious development runs parallel with the spiritual development of the people who embrace it, and inevitably there comes a time in religious history when aggressive defensiveness comes to the fore.The adherents of that religion will certainly not see it in those terms; they will be genuinely affronted, filled with fervour and righteous indignation. Think in terms of centuries. Because they are religious people, and because both they and their religion have descended from their original high spiritual level and arrived at the level of plant-force instincts, those who have communally reached the level of plants will sense  that the  realm of Satan  (that is, the level of the material life-forces) is just below them. Seeing this as the ultimate evil, they will resist the final descent, and consider those other peoples and religions that have made this descent to be satanic. But without this descent, without embracing the material forces of spirituality in their own innermost being, they cannot experience compassion. Spiritual love, tolerance and mercy will remain empty words. An even balance of all these spiritual levels is essential for these compassionate qualities to operate, because they depend upon an even combination of all passions and not merely selected ones.

Our Spiritual Journey

In ancient times, people were aware of the spiritual dimension of nature, and felt themselves to be part of this spirituality in a way quite unknown to most people today. The solid materiality of the world and all its creations was no doubt as self-evident then as it is today. We have heard of the vibrations of nature, which some people call the natural life forces: these forces are made up of all the instincts, the automatic actions and reactions that keep nature on course and give life to the planet. There are human instincts or life forces, animal life forces, plant life forces, and around and within all the rest, giving them form and substance and strength, the material life forces: the instincts that compel atoms to combine in certain ways and keep the universe functioning.

All the wealth, the comforts, the treasures, the technology of the world is to be found, not in the plant world, nor in the animal world, nor even in the purely human world, but within the material zone: and this broad field of material instincts proves an irresistible attraction for humankind; it is the provider of substantial wherewithal, and the home of civilisation. At the outset, when people were purely ‘human’ they were comparatively helpless, naked creatures who lived in the world of instinct – the original ‘Garden of Eden’. Below them in spiritual status were the life forces of nature, which, looked at as a whole, possessed an infinitely broader range of instinctive solutions to life’s problems than that which could apply to humans alone. The Garden of Eden is not for thinkers. As the human brain developed and passions grew, those early humans became more and more engrossed in the vibrations, or the instinctive solutions, of the natural world beneath them. And as they acquired the skill to make and use artefacts, the material life forces (which already possessed their bodies) gradually took over their souls too.

An instinctive awareness of this spiritual descent gave rise to the stories of mythology which have been handed down to us. Stories which are merely products of the imagination tend not to be remembered and handed down; but ancient myths to explain the spiritual descent of humans, even after thousands of years, still have a place in our hearts, though they may not be completely understood by our minds. We are instinctively aware of their importance, and modern fiction, however clever, lacks their meaningful content. When natural spiritual decline passes a certain milestone myths can no longer be created, because spirituality itself is no longer a source of inspiration: no longer part of our normal awareness. In mythological terms we have all trodden a downhill route from Eden to the gates of Hades itself, and the time has come to seek for ourselves that path, that way, that return journey that will take us back to the very gates of heaven. That journey is upwards and away from materiality, upwards through the plant life forces, the animal life forces, the human life forces, to regain the point of human entry – the place of rebirth and the life beyond.

List of Contents

1        The Vibrations of Nature

Seeing through the materiality of the world to discover the intangible spirits of nature, which we can recognise as the driving instincts of animals, plants, and minerals. Together they form a pervasive network of vibrations or passions which are all too readily imbibed by the human psyche. How material advancement through the ages has corresponded with a decline in spiritual status.

2        Dawn Awakening

The earliest thinking reactions to natural phenomena: dawn, the sun, the moon. the weather. Clinging to the concept of a father figure by visualising a symbolic heavenly hierarchy to explain natural laws. The planets considered as symbols of the human condition.

3        Ripples of Emotion

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, fountains, the sea; most people like to be near moving water, which seems to enhance their emotional expression. Whatever mood an emotional person brings to the waterside tends to be intensified and broadened to include non-personal elements.

4        Deep Waters of Spirit

Water may be taken to symbolise spirit: something that cannot be grasped or even explained in material terms, something from beyond our range of emotions, and unfathomable by the mind. Holy water, the sacred rivers of the East, these are the tangible symbols of intangible spirit.

5        Beasts and Birds

The world of wildlife with its varied instincts comprised the first spiritual temptation for early mankind seeking to expand their opportunities. Through their own basic human instincts our ancestors acquired a vast complex of alien instincts, and these are still with us today.

6        Insect Dharma

The amazing world of Beelzebeb, Lord of the flies. The instinctive vibrations of the insect world are close to the surface, the most tangible and the most invasive. We need to appreciate the beauty and ingenuity whilst avoiding their malign influence.

7        The Plant Kingdom

The unsuspected potency of the plant kingdom at the level of instinct: seemingly peaceful and submissive, in spirit aggressive and confrontational. How Humans can avoid imbibing these fierce passions by allowing plants to find their own peaceful level.

8        The Cycle of Nature

The endless cycle of birth, life and death has occupied the minds of thinking people for thousands of years, affecting lives and livelihoods, and inspiring hope for some sort of life after death. Belief in human reincarnation has been prompted by awareness of this essential natural cycle.

9        Forest and Mountain

There is a narrow boundary between the cultivated and the untamed. The clearing between forest and farm is a point of destruction leading to new creation, and the place where woodland spirits congregate. Wild places produce a sense of awe by their grandeur.

10     Subtle Materiality

Crystals, ley lines, sacred sites, relics, bombs and guns: all are manifestations of the spiritual nature of the material life force, formed by way of the natural instincts of things. There is far more to this powerful force than meets the eye.

11     The Goddess Within

The laws of nature have resulted in the less-than-desirable spiritual level of humankind today. Spiritual laws are not to be assuaged by masculine aggressive confrontation. They may however be swayed by feminine properties of intercession and submission.

12     Transcending Nature

The great dream of Gaia is to awaken to the perfection of the human psyche, and this can be done only by following the cycle of nature and the process of evolution on the inner level. Spiritual vibrations can stir the inner self and set the soul on its ultimate quest.

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