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Understanding Dreams:                                    Ray Douglas
for You and Your Family

Paperback                                      ISBN 978-1-907091-06-3                                £12.00
248 pages  3 drawing   5 diagrams

This book takes the reader through the entire gamut of dream analysis and interpretation, with the emphasis on family life. A family unit is a rather special entity, bound together by the invisible bonds of intuition. Everybody is linked intuitionally at a very deep level, but the family especially so. Intuition is the means of knowing something about somebody else without having to be told, without having to see or hear; it is the art of communicating without words. One way to discover these golden bonds is by remembering, recording and understanding your dreams: your own personal dreams, your parents' dreams, your spouse's or partner's dreams, your children's dreams. The more you study dreams, the more important they are apt to become. Everyday dreams about everyday affairs can grow and develop into something vastly more significant. If you are studying your family's dreams, you may find that their dreams too are becoming more important as time goes on, as though they are keeping pace with your own personal dream development. This is how they work. Our everyday thoughts and feelings have to take a back seat as the 'dreaming cycle' kicks into action and the hidden 'inner feelings', with their power of intuition, explore the contents of those parts of our minds which are normally unconscious.

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Understanding Dreams

ISBN 9781907091063

The Key to Dream Analysis                                                Ray Douglas

Paperback                                      ISBN 978-1-907091-01-8                                       £12.00
240 pages 12 diagrams

There have been many books on the subject of dream analysis, most of them repeating what has been written many times before and many of them of somewhat dubious value. Ray Douglas presents the subject from a previously unknown perspective: from the point of view of the inner feelings, also known as the higher emotional centre, which, he claims, is the actual source of dream imagery. He has been recording and interpreting dreams for many years, and has experienced for himself all the types of dream mentioned in this book. This is no small claim, for The Key to Dream Analysis describes every known type of dream, as well as every piece of information that may be useful in understanding our dreams. Familiar dream symbols so beloved by authors of traditional books are not neglected here, but they are analysed in depth, and the whole dreaming process is explained with clarity. As Sigmund Freud pointed out, ‘The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious mind’. It pays to take our dream lives seriously.

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Key to Dream Analysis

ISBN 9781907091018

Dreams, Evolution and Destiny                                   Ray Douglas

Paperback                            ISBN 978-1-907091-52-0                                      £12.00
224 pages 21 diagrams


It is safe to say that everybody dreams, whether they remember their dreams or not. Most people dream about their everyday affairs, their home and workplace, their relations, friends and colleagues. These dreams are interesting enough. But when we start to really take notice, write them down, remember, analyse and interpret our dreams in detail, their nature changes. The dreaming cycle of spiritual evolution kicks in, and our dreams begin to teach us remarkable things. They point the way to our own true destiny.

Using actual dreams experienced by people in all walks of life, this book describes the process of dreaming from the viewpoint of the inner self, the actual source of those special dreams.

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Dreams, Evolution and Destiny

ISBN 9781907091520

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