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Dream of Gaia

GREAT DREAMS are those most vivid of dreams which arrive atdawn and usually have some real and verifiable spiritual truth to impart. Some may claim that such dreams have only psychological as opposed to spiritual significance, and derive from the collective unconscious. But then, no two dreams are alike, and no two people's experiences will be the same. Perhaps there is no hard and fast division between the spiritual and the psychological, but whereas spirituality certainly embraces and transcends the psyche, none but an out-and-out materialist would claim that the psychology of mankind can embrace or transcend the spiritual.


Whatever names men use for their beliefs and faith,
the Holy Spirit is the way of light and truth.
Whatever occupies their dying thoughts,
there the soul goes when departing the body.
Sympathy, antipathy, at the time of death
attract a destiny that strengthens their own nature.

Those who worship life on earth
shall go to further lives on earth.
Those who worship ancestors shall go to their ancestors.
Those who worship gods shall go to their gods.
Those who worship ghosts shall go to ghosts.

Those who worship Spirit shall go to Spirit.
Those who die with Spirit, remain with Spirit.

Spirit watches over all, experiences everything,
and bestows his blessings where he will.
Who recognises Spirit
and understands the ever changing ways of nature
 is propelled no longer towards death.

Who knows Spirit may be freed from death.
But even those who cannot know him,
yet hear his voice and are devoted in their faith,
they too may cross the bridge of death in safety.

Faith goes hand in hand with wisdom.
Doubt is born of ignorance.
Ignorance is the enemy of wisdom,
and doubt, the enemy of faith. A soul in doubt is lost;
there is no joy in worlds to come, for one who doubts.

Sailing in the boat of wisdom,
even sinners cross the sea of wickedness in safety.
Confusion flies away when wisdom enters in.
All things will be ordered well
and can be seen in one's own soul
the seat of comprehension.

There is a path of wisdom and a path of ignorance.
The path of ignorance is broad and bright
and those who tread it think that they are wise,
blundering like the blind who lead the blind
along the path that ends in death.

There is a path of wisdom and a path of ignorance.
The path of wisdom, narrow as a razor's edge
prepares the soul for higher destiny.
It is the path that leads to life.

As man's cleverness increases, so his wisdom fades.
Each new achievement weaves a cloak
to hide him from the light of Spirit.
With growing heaviness of wealth and learning
he sinks into satanic realms.

Brains are for use on earth,
and if men thought of God
as much as they reflect on worldly things,
the world would be neglected, derelict.
God only knows what would become of it.

Ignorance may fly when knowledge enters in,
but ignorance and knowledge too
have infinite resources.
God is eternally above all ignorance,
above all knowledge too,
above infinity.

The highest talent that a man possesses,
should be dedicated to the good,
not merely for his earthly needs.
For talents rightly used may find
a path that leads him to his highest destiny.

The Sea of Souls

Water may not be destroyed
or made anew
mysteriously enough
but water is and was and shall be
ever cycling
life supporting
raindrops falling on the hillside
rocks and field and forest
every drop its form
its role to play
until they lose their individuality
their common fate
to form into a stream
of raindrops which have died as raindrops
and acquired a name
given by local people to that stream.

What madness this
to anthropomorphise
the raindrop which must die
and lose its earthly form
and acquire a new name thus.

What foolishness
to give the stream a name
for many streams with names
and lose their individuality
they too must die
in name
and gain a greater body
with a different name.

The river which enfolds those streams
it too must flow
into oblivion
for all the names are now forgotten
in the sea
the countless raindrops
undiminished but dispersed
within the greater sea
which may not be destroyed
or made anew.

The human soul
which takes the form
of every individual
who lives on earth
must flow through streams of death
and lose both name and form
and individuality
and flow
into the greater sea of Spirit
which may not be destroyed
or formed anew
but lives forever
in multiplicity and unity.

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