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Create Your Own Woodland Garden                                  John Freeman

Paperback                                          ISBN 978-1-907091-08-7                                   15.00
266 pages 100 line drawings 27 colour plates

Woodland gardens are usually large, but this book is intended for woodland lovers who own small or average sized gardens. For year-round beauty, gardens based on the woodland principle cannot be bettered. It is fashionable nowadays to look for ways to improve the health of the planet, and what better way could there be than to plant trees, and the woodland plants able to associate with them.

John Freeman has many years of experience as a forester, landscape gardener and gardener, and few people could be better qualified to write this book. With sound advice and an inspirational style he offers a comprehensively descriptive list of the best small trees and shrubs, ground cover and dot plants that will produce a genuine woodland environment on a miniature scale. It is not such a long-term project as may be imagined, and the ground can be put to profitable use while the trees are becoming established. It will look good the first year, and in five years' time it will be beautiful. In ten years the woodland setting will have established itself, the garden will be uniquely self-sustaining, a joy to see, a boon to the environment, and a natural place of refuge for wildlife.

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Woodland Garden

ISBN 9781907091087

The Art of Pressed Flowers                                                 Fay Mortimer

Paperback                                    ISBN 978-1-907091-10-0                                           11..50
112 pages colour throughout

The great attraction of pressed flower art is that stunning effects are relatively easy to create. By taking advantage of the richly varying shapes and textures and the diverse colours of flowers and other plant material, you can conjure up a picture with all the beauty and interest of nature itself. Whether you plan to produce simple designs based around a few exquisite blossoms, or a rich tapestry of luxuriant foliage and blooms, the materials are just waiting to be used. Pressing and leaving to dry is a simple way of preserving in two dimensions the beauty and, often, the brilliant colouring of a plant. Wildflowers from the meadow, seedheads from the hedgerow, ferns from the forest floor, prize blooms from the garden, all can provide the basis of any number of pictures. With its highly readable text and stunning colour illustrations, you will discover the fascinating process of creating flower paintings without the paint, the basic skills of arranging a balanced composition, creating the illusion of depth through the use of perspective, and devising wonderful colour combinations.

Whether you have artistic leanings or not, Fay Mortimer's practical yet inspirational book will boost your creative imagination and quickly help you discover the satisfaction of making your own beautiful pictures from pressed flowers.

The Art of Pressed Flowers

ISBN 9781907091100

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