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Bizarre Tales                                                 Charles Dickens

Paperback Demy               ISBN 978-1-907091-1-48                    £15.00
21 Illustrations

Dickens is best known for his full length novels, a fact which makes his brilliant short stories all the more interesting. They have tended to become overlooked beneath the shadow of the heavyweights that everyone knows about. The book also includes some of the amusing stories presented to the Pickwick Club in The Pickwick Papers

Bizarre Tales

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Macabre Tales                                               Edgar Allan Poe

Paperback Demy               ISBN 978-1-907091-1-55                    £15.00
15 Illustrations  

This American writer and poet was born in 1809, and his short, tragic and somewhat dissolute life ended in 1849. He is best remembered for his weird gothic-style short stories, most bordering upon descent into psychological disturbance or madness. He could also be said to have laid the foundations of the modern detective story. Some of the best of his tales are included here.

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Macabre Tales

The Pilgrimís Progress                                 John Bunyan

Paperback                          ISBN 978-1-907091-17-9                            £15.00
224 pages Numerous Illustrations

First published in 1678, the full title of Bunyan's celebrated book is The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is to come. The entire book is an allegorical study of the spiritual pitfalls that await anyone setting out on the religious path to spiritual wholeness, and all Christian's adventures must be seen as inward experiences and states of mind.

John Bunyan lived from 1628 to 1688, and after a varied early career became a Nonconformist preacher. His radical views got him into trouble with the authorities, and he was imprisoned for more than twelve years. He spent his time there writing, and it was during his second spell in prison that he wrote this first part of The Pilgrim's Progress.

Pilgrim's Progress

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