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Subjects, Themes and Images of the Bible:       Edited by Dominic Breeze
New Thematic Index

Hardback                                       ISBN 978-1-907091-18-6                                                   £27.50
591 pages

Hardback Cloth Demy

Is an index a boringly mundane thing? Subjects, Themes and Images of the Bible is most certainly not that: casting stultifying tradition aside, it makes a wonderful browse just on its own, guaranteeing that you will never see the Bible in quite the same way again. The Bible is a collection of historical books full of divine inspiration that has been channelled through very different personalities, and expressed in various ways: through ancient history and relationships, analogy, myth, poetry and parable. But all are full of the impressions and often traumatic daily experiences which most affected the authors of those ancient books, and all reflect their own personally inspired relationship with the divine. By highlighting their interests and daily affairs, This New Thematic Index allows those people, their followers and their opponents to spring to life; through the written word we are enabled to look into their minds and hearts and discover what made them tick.

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Subjects, Themes and Images of the Bible

ISBN 9781907091186

A shorter paperback version is also available at £15.00

The Parables of Jesus                                                          Dominic Breeze

Paperback                                          ISBN 978-1-907091-12-4                                        £10.00
pages 22 illustrations

Biblical scholar Dominic Breeze presents seventy-two parables preached by Jesus, as recorded in the Authorised King James Bible, and retells them with the most lucid of explanations, explaining their true meanings in modern terms. The terminology used by Jesus was apposite to the time and place in which he lived, and the people to whom he was talking. Our modern phraseology would be very different; had Jesus lived during the 21st century his choice of analogy would certainly have been quite different in each case, but the meaning of these parables, their golden advice, once it is understood, is as alive and real today as it ever was. Perhaps these parables are even more important now than they were during Jesus's lifetime, because we have far more temptations, far more distractions, and infinitely more to occupy our minds and hearts, than the Jewish people to whom he preached in the first century. We may not be assailed by evil spirits as were some of the people whom Jesus cured of their ailments, because we don't call them that: we have psychological and medical terms for these things. Our spiritual ailments, however, are more powerful than ever before, and now after two thousand years of 'progress' we should once again approach these parables with an open mind.

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The Parables of Jesus

ISBN 9781907091124

The Pilgrimís Progress                                     John Bunyan

Paperback                        ISBN 978-1-907091-17-9                                 £15.00
224 pages Numerous Illustrations

First published in 1678, the full title of Bunyan's celebrated book is The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is to come. The entire book is an allegorical study of the spiritual pitfalls that await anyone setting out on the religious path to spiritual wholeness, and all Christian's adventures must be seen as inward experiences and states of mind.

John Bunyan lived from 1628 to 1688, and after a varied early career became a Nonconformist preacher. His radical views got him into trouble with the authorities, and he was imprisoned for more than twelve years. He spent his time there writing, and it was during his second spell in prison that he wrote this first part of The Pilgrim's Progress.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

ISBN 9781907091179

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