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Astrology and the Inner Self                             Ray Douglas

Paperback                                ISBN 978-1-90709-04-9                                                12.00
242 pages 14 diagrams 8 tables

Whether you are interested in astrology or not, this is a book that will amaze you. It is concerned not so much with the personality as with the soul, with the inner dimension. It has no rigid framework and is not over-concerned with precision. Step by step, it explores the human condition from the point of view of the inner feelings. It rejects planetary influence and points out the very beautiful patterns of planetary synchronicity. Basically do-it-yourself, it uses the symbols of astrology as a means of understanding our own unseen dimension, our inner space. This understanding should instigate a meeting between mind and soul; and help bring about a further encounter between soul and spirit. Once achieved, this will precipitate a spiritual journey previously only to be dreamed about since human-measured time began. Why settle for less? Once the journey has begun, the symbols of traditional astrology will be of little further use. The inner self is more interested in realities.

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Astrology and the Inner Self

ISBN 978190709049

The Zodiac Personality File                                                David Oliver

Paperback                                  ISBN 978-1-907091-16-2                                            11.50
184 pages graphs and tables

An in-depth analysis for every person under the sun!

If we are at all typical, our moods vary. Sometimes we are sociable, happy in the crowd, running with the pack. Sometimes, however, we seek a littletime alone, content with our own thoughts and feelings. Then again, when unexpected circumstances crop up, our instinctive mode comes intoplay deciding how we are liable to act on the spur of the moment; and perhaps above all, deep beneath the surface, we all possess an intuitive mode that works when thoughts are stilled: when we are close to those we love, or perhaps when we are hard-pressed and need to come up with an original solution.

With its unique set of graphs, tables and descriptions, this book delivers a fascinating insight into our innermost selves.

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Zodiac Personality File

ISBN 9781907091162

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